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Skilled Electrical Engineers, Solar Power Installers, and EV Charging Points in Sevenoaks

Tarven Limited is a Kent-based electrical engineering firm specialising in all electrical engineering in residential and commercial properties. We offer many services throughout Sevenoaks, including testing and inspections, full or partial rewires, consumer unit replacements, data management, and installing solar panels and EV electric chargers. We pride ourselves on being proficient, fully qualified, and our staff is always efficient and polite. 

Tarven Ltd has an excellent reputation and many satisfied customers across the southeast who repeatedly come back to us. Whether you need a plug socket replaced, your home rewired, or commercial equipment installed, we can help.

Electrical faults can be dangerous, so never leave potentially unsafe electrical problems unresolved. Never try to repair electrical issues yourself. Call our experienced and skilled electricians to fix it for you quickly and expertly.

We are NICEIC-approved with 12 years of experience working in the industry.

EV Charging Point Installation In Sevenoaks

Forget Soaring Fuel Costs With an Electric Car

We are the foremost supplier and installer of electric vehicle charging points in Kent. Home charging installation points start at just £495.

We are OZEV certified. We can supply and install the following EV charging points:

We deliver some of the most inexpensive EV chargers available and can also help you with a grant where relevant. Government funding is currently available for flat owners and renters. The subsidy will pay up to 75% of the cost of a new charger, up to £350. Business owners with staff parking spaces can also apply for a grant of up to £14,000 under the Workplace Charging Point Scheme

We can advise you on government funding, apply on your behalf, install your new EV charger, and maintenance if necessary.

Full Solar Installations in Sevenoaks

Tarven provides and installs Photovoltaic (PV) panels in Sevenoaks and the surrounding towns. We also supply battery storage, pigeon proofing, and a range of accessories. We have fitted hundreds of systems in homes and businesses at a low affordable price.

Solar PV systems use energy from the sun to generate electricity to run all your household devices, appliances, and lighting. Using renewable energy to power your house will save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Our services cover all aspects of solar panel installation. We can evaluate your home or business, plan and supply a system, then install and maintain it. Our site survey is free, and we will define how much energy you can make and the potential savings.

So, if you want to bypass skyrocketing energy bills, look no further than a solar panel system. We provide quality panels and installations to ensure you get the most out of the system. 

We have worked fitting solar systems in Sevenoaks and nearby towns for over a decade. We can fit solar panels with or without battery storage. 

Solar power is a completely green way to power a home. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power doesn’t create harmful pollutants.

Electrical Energy Storage

An EESS or Electrical Energy Storage System comprises solar panels with battery storage. The power the panels generate is stored in the batteries for later use. Depending on your property’s orientation, the number and size of the panels, and the batteries, an EESS can lower grid electricity use by around 85%.

An alternative is to fit solar panels without storage. This is more affordable and adequate for a home with few occupants who use most of their electricity during daylight hours. Without battery storage, you can only use the electricity as the panels capture it, so once evening falls, you will need to go back to using grid electricity.

Solar Panel Prices

Solar panels are more affordable than they used to be due to a reduction in the cost of manufacturing solar PV cells. Furthermore, if your system produces enough power, you can make extra cash from the surplus energy by selling it to the national grid.

Current solar systems have a longer lifespan than older systems, meaning you will get a better return on your investment over time. A well-designed, bird-proofed system requires minor upkeep; the only necessity is to change the inverter after 25 years.

Don’t delay in contacting us if you want to discuss a solar PV installation, an EESS, or an electric vehicle charger. Whether you’re just considering solar, want to learn more about battery storage, or need professional experts to maintain a system, we can help.

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