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Professional Electrical Services, Solar PV Panels, and EV Charger Installation in Sidcup

Tarven Ltd is an experienced electrical company, trained and proficient in all home and commercial electrical work. We are NICEIC certified and have worked in the industry for more than 12 years. We work with many Sidcup shops, restaurants, pubs, and offices, providing 24/7 emergency assistance. We can conduct regular maintenance checks and general electrical assignments, including appliance installations, fire alarm systems, underfloor heating, and rewires. 

You can expect fully qualified, skilled electricians when you hire us for your electrical project. Our work is fully guaranteed and insured. 

When explaining to clients the advantages of solar power or changing to an electric-powered vehicle, we are committed to the larger picture. We want a healthy future for upcoming generations in a world powered by renewable energy, where homes do not create pollution.

EV Charging Point Supply and Fitting In Sidcup

Forget About Rocketing Fuel Costs With an Electric Vehicle

We are a top supplier of EV charging points in homes and businesses In Sidcup. Home EV chargers start at just £495.

We are OZEV certified. We supply the following electric vehicle charging point brands:

We fit some of the cheapest EV chargers on the market. Additionally, government funding is presently available as an incentive for citizens living in rented accommodation and flat owners. A grant will pay up to £350. Business owners with parking can ask for a grant for up to 40 chargers, or a maximum of £14,000 under the Workplace Charging Point Scheme

Complete Solar Panel Installations in Sidcup

Solar energy will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, save money on bills, and reduce your carbon footprint. We supply quality PV solar panels and offer maintenance services to guarantee you get the most out of solar energy.

We have worked for 12 years designing and fitting solar systems in Sidcup. We provide a choice of panels and PV systems to take advantage of this green energy. 

Solar panel usage will help Britain meet the 2035 goal of decreasing CO2 emissions by 78%, so they are a necessity if you care about the environment.

Electrical Energy Battery Storage

Increasing energy prices make it hard to keep monthly bills at an affordable rate. Installing solar panels is a sustainable way to lower your bills and help the planet.

An Electrical Energy Storage System or EESS incorporates solar panels with one or more batteries. The batteries store energy for later use. Depending on your property’s orientation, and the size of your array, n EESS can lower grid electricity usage by around 85%.

Alternatively, we can install solar panels without batteries. This is a cheaper solution and adequate for a home where the inhabitants use most of their electricity during the day. Without battery storage, you will need grid electricity in the evenings, as without a battery, you can only use the energy as it is produced.

Solar Panel Prices

Manufacturing solar photovoltaic (PV) cells is cheaper than before, making solar panels more accessible to homeowners. If your system delivers enough power, you can earn extra income by selling surplus power to the national grid.

Modern PV systems have a longer lifespan than older prototypes meaning you get a better ROI. 

If you are looking for solar panels for your Sidcup home or business, we are the solution. We offer a full service, from the feasibility survey to design, supply, fitting, and maintenance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on an electric vehicle charger, a solar PV installation, or an energy storage system. Whether you’re just thinking about going solar, need experts to support an existing system, or want to learn more about an EESS, we can help.

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