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All Your Solar Panel Upkeep Needs In One Place

We’re a team of highly committed solar energy specialists whose primary mission is helping homeowners who have gone solar get the most out of their decision to change to renewable energy. We applaud those who’ve made the switch, and our mission is to ensure your system works to full capacity and more than meets your expectations for many decades.

While solar panels are becoming more affordable every year, they are an investment you should protect. After you’ve installed solar panels, you need to consider the many environmental factors that can affect your panels’ efficiency, such as wiring and panel fitting damage and the accumulation of dirt, bird droppings, twigs, and leaves.

In addition, we educate solar system owners on how to maintain their homes to ensure steady and high producing power output. Our goal is to help you stay energy independent from the grid.

Solar Repair and Maintenance Services

Even if another company fitted your panels, we can provide a custom solar panel maintenance package or a one-off maintenance inspection to ensure you get your money’s worth from your system.

Solar System Repair

Are your panels or the inverter broken? Perhaps you are unsure if something is broken but feel the system is not working as it should be? Whatever the problem, Tarven Limited can send a competent technician to fix the issue, usually during the initial visit. We can do the service while you are at home or if you are out at work. We’ll contact you with our findings as soon as we have finished.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that dirt, dust, grime, and bird droppings, will decrease the energy production of your solar panels and increase your electricity bill? You can save thousands of pounds over the panels’ lifespan with proper regular cleaning. Call us today for a professional panel cleaner with the right equipment and who knows how to clean solar panels efficiently and safely.

Pigeon Proofing

Are small animals or birds nesting under your panels and running over your roof? Squirrels, mice, and birds can create havoc to your solar panels and wiring, leading to costly repair bills. It’s common for animals to chew wiring or build a nest in the space between the roof and the panels. We offer an economical solution for this frequent problem. We can install a pigeon guard, which will potentially save you thousands.

Roof Leak Repair

Did you get solar panels fitted and find that your roof is leaking since the installation? We can accurately determine if the panel installation or another factor is causing the leak. Once we determine the cause, we can repair your roof leak ourselves, or we can collaborate with the roofer of your choice. Give us a call today, and we will soon have your leaky roof fixed.

Electric Bill Audit

The main reason homeowners go solar is to lower their monthly electric bills. Is your electric bill the same or only slightly less than before you got solar? If so, there is a good chance that the panels are not working correctly. We can review your bills and compare them with expected production. We will soon find out if there is a problem with the system and offer the fastest solution.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Do you know how much your solar panel array is producing? Do you know if the solar is working as it should? How frequently is the system serviced? We offer custom panel servicing and monitoring plans to keep your solar panel array generating a high output and lower your electric bills as much as possible.

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