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Solar panels are a simple, dependable technology that converts the sun’s energy into electricity.

If you generate more energy than your home requires, you are self-sufficient and will not draw power from the grid. The excess energy produced is used to charge a solar battery. When the sun goes down and the solar panels can no longer provide power, the battery kicks in and keeps you in power off-grid until it runs out.

Benefits of converting to Solar PV in your property

  • Make your own electricity and reduce your reliance on the grid.
  • Consume more clean energy instead of gas/coal/nuclear energy.
  • Receive payment for any power exported to the grid.
  • Free charging for electric vehicles (EV).

Domestic Solar PV has been popular in the UK since 2010 and is a very cost-effective way of lowering your energy consumption and bills.

Solar PV generates clean renewable energy, which significantly reduces your carbon footprint. You can also be compensated for exporting power to the national grid!

As of 2022 over a million properties in the UK have had Solar PV panels installed? Simple, tailor-made installation with little ongoing maintenance. Just worry-free bill reduction for your home.

Increase the value of your home and the EPC/efficiency, all while helping to save the planet.

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