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General Electrical Services, Home Solar Panels, and EV Charging Point Installers in Farnborough

Tarven Ltd provides proficient electrical services to residential and business properties. Our objective is to offer our clients the highest standard of work and customer service. A substantial proportion of our work in Farnborough comes from long-term clients. We realise the importance of providing a consistently high-quality product and service. This policy is the mainstay of our business. We guarantee every factor of our work and are confident you will be more than satisfied with the result.

In recent years, we have shifted our focus to renewable energy, fitting electric vehicle charging points and PV solar panels. We are committed to helping homeowners save energy and money while at the same time lowering carbon footprints to save the planet. 

We have worked in Farnborough and the surrounding areas for over a decade, performing a spectrum of electrical-related tasks, from routine maintenance inspections to extensive industrial installations. No matter the size of the job, we always work to the highest possible standards. We are mindful of finishing the work within the agreed time and in a way that works impeccably and fits in with your home’s design.

Our call-out fees start at £70 (excluding VAT), and we provide a 24/7 emergency service. All work is insured and certified.

Check our services page to see the electrical assignments we routinely complete. 

EV Charging Point Installers in Farnborough

Wave Goodbye to Soaring Fuel Prices With an Electric Vehicle

We are committed to helping car owners swap their petrol and diesel cars for more affordable and eco-friendly electric vehicles. We supply and install EV chargers in homes and businesses throughout Farnborough and the surrounding area. Prices start at just £495.00

We are certified by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) for the following electric vehicle charging point brands:

Furthermore, if you live in a rented property or are an owner-occupier living in a flat, we can apply for a contribution of up to £350 for your new charging point under the EV Homecharging Scheme. Business owners may benefit from a grant of up to £14,000 for installing 40 chargers under the Workplace Charging Point Scheme.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for a government subsidy, and we will arrange a no-obligation survey and recommend the best charging option for your home or business.

Solar Panel Installation In Farnborough

Skyrocketing energy bills are a major concern for many homeowners. However, there is an answer in the form of an EESS or Electrical Energy Storage System. An EESS uses PV solar panels combined with one or more batteries. Depending on the size of the panels and storage capacity, this can reduce electricity bills by up to 85%. Solar power is a clean, emission-free way to power a home. Unlike coal or other fossil fuels, solar power doesn’t produce harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide into the air and water.

A solar panel system gives you freedom from expensive utility companies and monthly bills. You can avoid peak electricity rates and have a backup if there is a power cut.

Solar power offers the world colossal potential. If we could store the planet’s solar energy for just one hour, we would have enough energy to power the entire planet for a year.

At Tarven, we offer you the choice of two solar panel installation alternatives. You can choose the more affordable option of solar panels only or an EESS with batteries. The drawback of solar panels only is you can only consume the energy they provide as it is produced, so after dark, you need to use grid electricity. A battery system stores energy, so you can use the energy produced during the day at night, eliminating the need to plug into the grid.

A battery storage system is best for a family that mainly consumes electricity during the evenings, while solar panels may only be adequate for people who work from home or tend to go to bed early.

Get in touch with us, and we will give you more information on renewable energy systems.

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