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Voltage Optimisation: Save Energy and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

At Tarven Solar Energy, we offer a range of green energy-saving voltage optimisers that can significantly reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. By optimising voltage levels, we help you make the most of your energy consumption while minimising wastage. 

We All Pay For Energy We Don't Use

Common European standards dictate that electrical appliances operate at 220/230v. However, producing excess voltage beyond the required level wastes energy. This is where voltage optimisation steps in.

Equipment Design and Lifespan

In the UK, manufacturers generally design equipment to work at 220V. As a result, these appliances consistently operate at higher voltages than necessary, leading to damage and reduced working lifetimes. 

Importance of Voltage Optimisation

The voltage of national grid electricity fluctuates, and to ensure customers receive a consistent 230V supply, UK properties are supplied with voltages ranging from 216V to 253V, with an allowable variation of +10% and -6%. The National Grid typically provides a voltage of around 245V, guaranteeing that even the lowest supply is adequate.

How Do Voltage Optimisers Work?

Voltage optimisers are installed within the electrical system to control and stabilise incoming voltage from the main power supply. The device monitors the voltage levels and adjusts them to match the ideal operating range of electrical appliances, typically around 220V. Voltage optimisers prevent excessive voltage from reaching the appliances by providing a steady and consistent voltage supply.

Tarven Solar Energy's Green Energy-Saving Voltage Optimisers

At Tarven, we provide innovative voltage optimisers that help regulate and optimise the voltage levels supplied to your electrical equipment. Our range of voltage optimisers ensures that your appliances receive the ideal voltage, stopping excessive and wasteful energy consumption.

The Benefits of Voltage Optimisation

  • Reduced energy consumption which can lead to lower electricity bills*
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Prevention of excessive voltage-related damage to electrical equipment
  • Consistent and regulated voltage supply
  • Elimination of voltage fluctuations, spikes, and sags
  • Minimisation of downtime and equipment malfunctions
  • Increased power quality and reliability
  • Financially advantageous investment with long-term cost savings
  • Contribution to a greener and more sustainable future
  • Customised solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications

Why Use Us To Install Your Voltage Optimiser

Expertise and Experience

We have specialised knowledge and experience in installing and maintaining voltage optimisers. We understand the intricacies of electrical systems and can provide expert advice and guidance.

Customised Solutions

We offer tailored solutions based on your specific energy requirements. We assess your electrical system, recommend the appropriate optimiser, and ensure seamless integration into your setup.

Efficient Installation

We have trained professionals who can efficiently install the optimiser in your electrical system. We guarantee correct wiring, connections, and configuration for optimal performance.

Compliance with Regulations

We stay up to date with industry standards and regulations. By hiring us, you can know that your voltage optimiser complies with all the necessary requirements.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support services. We can monitor and maintain the optimiser, perform regular check-ups, and address any issues.

Return on Investment

Hiring us to install an optimiser is a long-term investment that can deliver significant savings. The energy savings achieved through optimised voltage levels can provide a substantial return on investment over time.

Voltage Optimisation FAQs

Voltage optimisation regulates and reduces the incoming voltage supplied to a building or facility. It stabilises and optimises the voltage level to a more efficient and suitable range for the electrical equipment used, typically within 220-230 volts in the UK. This process helps to reduce energy consumption, extend the lifespan of electrical appliances, and lower carbon emissions.

UK voltage levels can often fluctuate above the ideal range, leading to high energy consumption and premature wear and tear on electrical equipment. By implementing voltage optimisation, businesses and households can gain energy savings, decrease their carbon footprint, and improve the overall efficiency and lifespan of their electrical systems.

Large sites currently supplied with too much or too little voltage will see the most significant savings from voltage optimisation, but almost any property will see savings due to enhanced energy efficiency. Infrastructure and equipment will run more efficiently and need less maintenance at lower voltages.

Voltage optimisation is most suitable for sensitive or critical electrical equipment conditions, with extended working hours and high electricity consumption. As such, it suits factories, retail premises, busy restaurants, distribution & logistics centres, and healthcare sites.

Voltage regulation delivers improved power stability and savings. However, it is important to remember that its benefits vary significantly depending on the site and the grid’s current voltage. A site survey from an experienced supplier is the first stage when considering voltage optimisation.

While voltage optimisation offers numerous benefits, there are a few considerations. Some equipment, such as certain motors or incandescent light bulbs, may not operate optimally under reduced voltage conditions. It is essential to consult with a professional voltage optimisation provider to assess equipment compatibility and ensure any potential issues are addressed. Additionally, voltage optimisation solutions require proper installation and ongoing maintenance for optimal performance and safety.

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