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EV Charging Point Home Installation

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Every month, more and more drivers worldwide are turning to electric vehicles for cheaper running costs and clean energy transportation.
It is predicted by 2030 that 50% of all new car sales will be EVs.

At Tarven, we are committed to connecting the Southeast of England with home chargers to make owning an electric vehicle an easy, dependable, and more practical solution to the petrol and diesel alternatives.

Why Install a Home EV Charger?

What Are The Two Types of EV Home Chargers

At home, you can use the slow charger that comes with an EV or install a wall charging unit. The manufacturer’s slow charger has a standard 3-pin UK plug to insert into a domestic electricity socket. This option is easy to use and transport.

However, depending on the size of your battery, a slow charger can take more than a day to produce a full charge. Slow chargers are generally only recommended for emergencies when you are too far from the nearest public supply or your home charger.

The best option is a home wall-mounted charger if you use your EV frequently. An electrician can place the charger on the side of your home or in a garage. Wall EV chargers are easy to use and will deliver a full charge to a battery in hours. The exact recharge time depends on several factors, but even with a relatively low charging power of 11 kW, a 60-kWh battery will be full and ready to go in under six hours. With a powerful 22-kW charger, charging the same battery takes less than three hours.

When choosing an EV charger, you can select a standard charger or a smart model you can programme remotely to charge at specific times.
A smart charger connects to an app on your smartphone. This lets you set your car’s charging times from your phone and control how much electricity goes into the battery.
Smart charging has the benefit of ensuring you only charge your EV when your electricity tariff is most affordable. You can also limit the amount of energy in the battery to around 80 percent to prevent overheating the cells. Limiting the power going in increases the life of the battery.

Where to Install an Electric Car Home Charger

If you live in a detached, semi-detached, or end of terrace house, you’ll need a driveway, garage, or other off-street parking space close to your home for the installation. The charging cable cannot obstruct a public pavement or road.

Can anyone install an EV Charger?

Electric Car Charger Installation Cost

The cost of an EV charger depends on the charging speed and any smart features you require. A lower-end basic 3kW charger costs around £120—a faster 7kW unit costs in the region from £300. Smart charging units with remote smartphone control will set you back between £500 and £1,100, depending on the features.

A fitter will need to review your preferred location for the charger and how close it is to the home’s electrical circuits. The installation may cost more if you want the charger placed far away from your fuse box. In some cases, the wiring may need upgrading, adding to the cost.

What Are Untethered And Tethered Chargers?

When researching home EV chargers, you will see untethered and tethered charger options. These terms refer to the type of cable connected to the charger. A tethered charger has a permanently attached cable with a Type 1 or Type 2 connector, which is the ideal charger if your home has a single EV, as all you need to do is park the car and plug it in.

An untethered unit uses the charging cable supplied with the car, which you plug into the charger at one end and into the EV at the other. This model is more adaptable as you can swap between Type 1 and Type 2 cables if, for example, you have two different EVs with different connectors.

The Benefits of a Home EV Charging Installation

About Our Company

Tarven provides top-of-the-line electric vehicle charging units from many brands, including Zappi, Anderson, Tesla, Wallbox, and many more. We offer high-quality installations to homeowners throughout the South East. Our goal as a company is to supply chargers for EV owners at affordable prices to help decrease the harmful impact of petrol and diesel cars on the environment while helping our customers live more convenient lives.

Our professional team consists of licensed electricians with extensive training and experience. We can manage any EV charging station installation safely and professionally.

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