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Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Points

EV Charging Point Installation For Businesses Under the Workplace Charging Scheme

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Here at Tarven, we are committed to helping businesses in London and the South East to take advantage of cheaper, greener driving. We are fully licensed and approved installers for residential and commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points.

What is the EV Workplace Charging Scheme?

Is Your Business Eligible?

The government introduced EV charger grants to encourage business owners to switch to electric company cars and install charging points as part of ambitious plans to have 300,000 public electric vehicle chargepoints in use by 2030. This figure is comparable to nearly five times the number of petrol and diesel pumps available today.
If you’re a business owner, run a charity, or public authority, you are eligible to claim the grant, with some restrictions.

You must have off-street parking for staff or customers to be eligible for the grant. The parking spots you apply for must be under your management, even if other organisations own other parking spots on the same parking lot. You may also apply if you work from home as your primary place of work, and your address is recorded as your place of business with the HMRC or Companies House.

Each site must also have a power supply of at least 3kW to each socket that will not decrease when several vehicles are charged at the same time.
Business owners may install only one socket for each parking space, and the space must be used exclusively for staff or fleet use.
The grant is available in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Currently, locations in the Isle of Man, Bailiwicks of Jersey, and Guernsey, which make up the Channel Islands, are not eligible for the scheme.

Eligibility Documents

To receive a grant, you must verify that the installation site is used for your business and that parking is reserved for staff or fleet vehicles. You will need a parking policy or photographic proof that you use the parking exclusively for business purposes.
You will also need to provide a Companies House Reference or VAT Registration Number.
If you manage a charity, you must supply the Charity Commission’s registration certificate.

How Do I Get A Workplace Charging Scheme Grant?

You must upload the requested information about your business and state how many chargers you would like to install. If you need help with filling in the application, give us a call on 020 8087 0216, and we will assist you.
You may apply for up to forty chargers. The grant is capped at £350 per installation. The limit of forty chargepoints applies to the applicant and not the parking lot itself. So, if you have three parking areas, you could ask for forty sockets, divided between the sites.
If you do not claim for forty sockets during your first application, you can request another voucher to make the total number up to forty later. So, if you decide to install ten points now, you install an additional thirty charges later, as you will be qualified to claim further financial help.
You will be given a voucher code via a confirmation email when your request is approved. Approval times are around five working days.

Once you have received a code, the next step is to contact an authorised installer like Tarven.

We will come to your premises and do a free survey advising you on the best chargers and give you a quote for the entire installation.

Which Charge Points Can We Supply?

How to Get The Money With A Workplace Charging Scheme Voucher?

As an approved installer, we apply your voucher discount code at the point of purchase. We discount the amount from the invoice and then reclaim the subsidy from OZEV.
You must use the Workplace Charging Scheme voucher within six months from the issue date.

Do You Need An Electric Vehicle To Claim?

You don’t need to have an EV to apply for the voucher. But you must express an existing need for chargepoints for the staff or your intent to promote EV driving among your staff.

Must the parking space be off-road for the Workplace Charging Scheme?

Off-street parking is needed to qualify. If you have dedicated off-street parking in the pipeline, you must wait until the parking is complete before applying.

You can apply if you have the use of off-street parking owned by another party, but you will need to provide written permission from the owner with your application.

Can I Backdate a Claim Under The Scheme?

Unfortunately, not. If you have EV chargers installed, you cannot claim for them. The Workplace Charging Scheme subsidy only covers new installations.
You must apply for the voucher before contacting an installation company.

Further Questions

If you have a question about installing workplace chargers, please get in touch.

We can also assist you in applying for a grant of up to £14,000 for you to install Electric Vehicle Charging Points at your business premises.

EV Charging Installation - FAQs

About the Workplace Charge Scheme

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a grant that businesses can use to reduce the cost of installing EV Charging Points for their staff by up to £14,000.

Grant eligibility

The WCS is available to any business, charity or public authority, with some conditions including: