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World Leading Micro-Inverters by Enphase

Connect to the power of the sun

ENPHASE micro-inverters allow minimum invasion within the home and panel-level optimisation.

An ENPHASE system can be installed internally with just one wire to the consumer unit.

Standard on all ENPHASE micro-inverters is a 25-year warranty. Since ENPHASE systems have no singular point of failure, they are perfect in situations with a high installation cost because of problematic scaffolding or difficult-to-access roofs.

No VAT will be charged for the next five years on energy-saving measures!

The programme began in April 2022 and will continue through April 2027. Homeowners will benefit from zero VAT on energy-efficient solutions up until the end of the scheme.

enphase micro inverters

Introducing the first fully integrated home energy solution in the world.

Do you want a simple and straightforward home energy system? 

Do you want a system you don’t have to think about but one that simplifies your life and saves money?

Are you searching for an all-in-one solar energy system that maximises your savings while you’re busy living your life?

Now you can have it all with the Enphase Home Energy Solution that combines solar, storage, and software that monitors your output and usage.

The Importance Of Connectivity.​

You can only get solar, storage, and robust monitoring software from one company. The Enphase Home Energy Solution is designed to operate together and communicate continuously and seamlessly for a totally integrated system that is much more than just solar; it becomes a smart house.

Enphase Microinverters power the Enphase Home Energy Solution which functions independently to provide the optimum energy output with no single point of failure.

Don't Waste Your System's Energy When No One Is Home. ​

You can save even more money on your energy bill by storing your excess energy in the Enphase AC Battery until you need it.

Enphase makes it simple to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Enphase Enlighten software provides a detailed, real-time overview of your system’s energy production and consumption so you can decide how much energy you use and when to use it.

Enphase Is Dedicated To Producing Solar Goods Of The Highest Quality. ​

Our micro-inverters are designed to survive in the roughest environments. They can operate through 1 million hours of dependability testing (over 100 years) in the most extreme climates. Unlike string inverters, which you must replace at least once throughout the system’s lifetime, they have a 25-year warranty.

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