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Founded in 2005, Ginlong Technologies is a leading manufacturer of premium power inverters for solar energy systems. Ginlong offers cost-effective solar solutions for homes, businesses and industries under its Solis inverters brand. 

Ginlong offers practical, cost-effective solar solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial premises, delivering value for money at each stage of the power inverter chain. 

Presented under the brand name Solis, the company’s solar inverter range uses innovative string technology to supply first-class reliability, demonstrated under the most rigorous international credentials. 

Merging a global supply chain with world-class research and development and manufacturing skills, Ginlong’s Solis inverters are optimised for each regional market, servicing customers with a team of local experts. 

With a proven record of profitability, Ginlong has monetary support from leading financial institutions, securing long-term returns on investment. Solis US is working with environmental and renewable energy stakeholders to hasten the world’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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Solis Solar Inverters

Our solar experts have engineered Solis inverters for over 20 years, resulting in some of the highest efficiency power inverters available. Whether you need single-phase, three-phase or energy storage inverters, Solis offers the ideal model. 

Whether you are looking for single-phase, three-phase or energy storage inverters, Solis can supply an inverter for any solar installation. The Solis single-phase inverters range from 2.5kW to 8kW, and the three-phase inverters range from 5kW to 20kW. 



Solis manufactures a mini-series, which is ideal for smaller PV panel arrays.


Solis produces storage inverters for both hybrid and AC-coupled photovoltaic systems.


All Solis inverters come with a 5-year guarantee, which you can extend to a ten-year warranty.


All Solis inverters offer remote monitoring.


The Solis Inverter range is transformerless, which contributes to higher efficiency.

We Recommend:

The Solis 5kW Hybrid Photovoltaic and storage inverter improves the efficiency of your system thanks to grid export control and intelligent charging.  

The Solis RHI series is ideal for home hybrid systems. The range has a high charge and discharge rate and intelligent battery management and charging functions; it is ideal for home hybrid solar installations in either on-grid or off-grid mode. 

The Solis RHI inverter range comes in three different models: RHI-3K-48ES; RHI-3.6K-48ES; and the RHI-5K-48ES. 

System Features

  • Technology: Dual MPPT functionality, Smart Battery Management and Energy Management Systems functionality. 
  • Maximum Efficiency: 97.5% 
  • Power Cut Cover: EPS and UPS Available 
  • Size: 333 x 505 x 249mm (17kg) 
  • Battery Equalisation: To optimise battery performance and lifecycle 
  • Fast Charging: One-click fast charging mode 
  • IP Rating: Fanless IP65 Design 
  • Monitoring: Remote control and firmware upgrade. 
  • Compatibility: Solis Hybrid inverters are currently only compatible with Plyontech LV and BYD L3.5 lithium-ion batteries. 
  • Smart Charging: You can set the device to charge from the grid to benefit from off-peak tariffs. 
  • Warranty: 5 Years 

Learn more about integrating Solis inverters into your solar project – Contact us today by calling 020 3929 5709 

Frequently Asked Questions

Key features of Solis inverters for off-grid applications include dual MPPT functionality, high efficiency up to 97.5%, EPS and UPS availability, IP65 fanless design, and smart battery management. 

To choose the right Solis inverter for off-grid solar, consider the power output needed as well as compatibility with your planned battery storage system. The 5kW Solis hybrid inverter works with Plyontech and BYD lithium batteries. 

Advantages of Solis inverters for off-grid use include optimised battery charging and management for a longer lifespan, the ability to charge from the grid for off-peak use, robust design for outdoor installation, and remote monitoring and control. 

Solis inverters are plug-and-play for off-grid installation but require properly sized battery banks, adequate wiring for currents, and overcurrent protection. The manuals provide detailed guidelines. 

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to have your solar panel system inspected and serviced to ensure optimal performance.

Solis inverters maintain a high peak efficiency of 97.5% in both grid-tied and off-grid setups. Performance features are optimised for battery charging in off-grid mode. 

Important maintenance tips include monitoring performance data, periodically cleaning the unit, updating firmware, and properly maintaining batteries. The cabling should also be inspected. 

Yes, Solis hybrid inverters can be integrated with compatible lithium batteries like Plyontech and BYD for off-grid energy storage and resilience. 

Challenges with off-grid Solis inverters can include a lack of backup from the grid, greater impact of improper installation, and the need for maintenance like battery care. 

Monitoring via Solis’ software is highly recommended for off-grid systems to optimise performance, track battery state, and detect issues quickly. 

Combining Solis hybrid inverters with off-grid solar provides reliable, clean power for businesses and homes. Key benefits are energy independence, cost savings, and sustainability. 

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