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Myenergi is a leading British renewable eco-smart technology and manufacturing company. Their innovations complex is at the Humber Freeport, the epicentre of environmentally friendly technology in the UK. Myenergi’s now famous “zappi” was the first solar and wind-compatible electric car charger. This multi-award-winning charger went a long way to putting British green technology products firmly on the world stage.

Myenergi was established in 2016 by Lee Sutton and Jordan Brompton, whose passion for sustainable eco-living developed into an objective to increase and improve renewable energy domestic products. They anticipated electric vehicles, solar power, and other types of renewable energy would be the only solution if the planet is to survive. They designed and manufactured a spectrum of innovative products to encourage this shift. The company manufactures their product range in the UK and employs more than 350 people.

The Eddi

The eddi may be small in size, but it is the most advanced power diverter in the world, designed to save you money and resources by using the excess power produced by your solar panels instead of sending it to the grid.

Myenergi launched the eddi in 2017. It is an automated power controller that diverts extra power to a specified area, usually to an immersion heater. Heating water with electricity is expensive, so it makes sense to divert excess solar power to your immersion heater and minimise grid usage and lower your utility bills.

The eddi system has a clear, graphical liquid crystal display (LCD) that tells you how much energy you are saving. You can also add a Myenergi hub, a small device that serves as a gateway between your myenergi device and the internet. 

Eddi Monitoring

You can monitor and control the eddi with the myenergi app or through the online myenergi.com portal. Apart from monitoring your power usage, you can set your device to boost water heating or change any timers. Remote monitoring via the app also means you can adjust priorities to charge your EV first, heat your water, heat a radiator, or towel rail, etc. 

You can control everything from a single app if you have more than one Myenergi device, such as a Zappi EV charger and an Eddi. You can also see your historical details, which can help you make decisions such as adding more batteries. The eddi logs all your energy use, so you can easily see ways to increase your savings by optimising usage. Investing in an eddi means making the most of the free energy generated from your solar PV panels or a wind energy system. 

Rather than exporting the surplus energy back to the grid, where the rate you receive is typically low, your green energy investment becomes more viable as the eddi power diverter allows you to use all the energy in your own home. 

The eddi also features an intelligent daylight-saving time adjustment, and for extra peace of mind, there is built.in overload and short-circuit protection. 

Why An Eddi?

Eddi comes with a 3-year guarantee that covers all replacements and labour costs.

Eddi is compatible with power storage appliances, such as a wall of batteries. So, if you don’t need excess energy immediately, you can divert it to your storage system for later use.

We can install an eddi while we install new solar panels, or you can purchase it as a retrofit product. The eddi is a small wall-mounted device that is easy to install without disrupting homeowners.

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