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Solar Panels for Manufacturing Businesses

Solar Energy Solutions for Manufacturers

In the bustling landscape of the UK’s manufacturing sector, adopting solar energy solutions represents a strategic, forward-thinking decision. By integrating solar panels, manufacturing businesses can turn vast, underutilised roof areas into valuable assets that generate energy and profit. This transition supports cost reduction and enhances the sustainability profile of your operations. So, are you ready to leverage solar technology and transform your manufacturing environment? Contact us at 02039375575 or email enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk to discuss customised solar options that suit the unique demands of your facility. 

Maximising Efficiency with Solar Power in Manufacturing

Solar power stands at the forefront of maximising efficiency in manufacturing processes. Manufacturers can significantly reduce energy costs by converting large, idle roof spaces into energy powerhouses while boosting their environmental credentials. Embrace the shift towards a sustainable future with our industrial solar solutions. 

Cost of Sustainable Manufacturing Solar Solutions

Investing in solar energy is not only a commitment to sustainability but also a strategic financial decision for manufacturing businesses. The upfront investment for solar panel systems varies, depending on factors such as the scale of the installation and specific factory requirements. However, the financial benefits become apparent quickly, thanks to significant reductions in energy expenditures and the potential for generating income through surplus power. These solar systems promise a rapid return on investment and continue to deliver cost savings for years. Contact us for a custom cost analysis and discover how solar solutions can be economically beneficial for your manufacturing operations. 

Our Factory Solar Panel Installation Process

Installing solar panels

Schedule a Complimentary Survey

Initiate your journey towards sustainability with a free, no-obligation survey of your manufacturing facility. Our team is ready to evaluate your site’s specific solar potential. 

Survey Execution

Our trained professionals will thoroughly assess your manufacturing site to determine the most effective strategy for harnessing solar power, ensuring the best fit for your energy needs. 

Quote Delivery

Receive a tailored quotation that reflects your facility’s unique requirements and the projected benefits of installing solar panels, all designed to enhance your operational efficiency. 

Installation Of Solar Panels

We ensure a seamless installation process, strategically placing solar panels to optimise energy production with minimal disruption to your daily operations. We’ll handle all the logistics, from planning permissions to the final activation. 

Why Choose Us for Green Manufacturing Initiatives


NICEIC-Approved Contractors

Selecting our services means partnering with NICEIC-approved contractors, a mark of excellence and compliance with the highest UK standards in electrical installations. Our certification guarantees that every solar panel installation is conducted safely, efficiently, and to the highest industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your manufacturing operations. 


Unparalleled Workmanship

Our team is renowned for their precision and meticulousness in every installation. We focus on ensuring that each solar panel system is functional and integrates seamlessly with your facility’s aesthetics. The attention to detail we bring to our projects maximises the longevity and efficiency of your solar investment, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence in green manufacturing. 


Excellent Service

We are dedicated to providing outstanding service from the initial consultation through to post-installation support. Our team is available to address any concerns and ensure smooth operation, offering maintenance advice and swift problem resolution. Our proactive customer service approach is designed to ensure your complete satisfaction and confidence in your solar energy systems. 


5-year Workmanship Warranty

We back our solar installations with a robust 5-year workmanship warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality and your long-term success. This warranty reflects our confidence in our work and our dedication to supporting your business’s transition to green energy with reliable, high-quality solar solutions. Trust us to provide not just solar systems but also a lasting partnership in sustainable manufacturing. 

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Our Expertise in All Kinds of Manufacturing Businesses

Many types of manufacturing businesses can significantly benefit from the adoption of solar energy, given their high energy requirements and often expansive facilities suitable for solar installations. Here are some specific types of manufacturing industries that are particularly well-suited to incorporating solar energy into their operations: 

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive plants often have large facilities with extensive roof space or unused land, making them ideal candidates for large-scale solar installations. Solar energy can power assembly lines, lighting, and HVAC systems, significantly reducing energy costs. 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

These industries require a continuous power supply to maintain strict environmental conditions and to run energy-intensive processes. Solar power can provide a reliable and clean energy source, helping these businesses reduce their carbon footprint and control energy costs. 

Food and Beverage Processing

Refrigeration, heating, and machinery in food processing plants consume substantial amounts of energy. Solar energy can offset a significant portion of these energy demands, contributing to reduced operational costs and supporting sustainability goals. 

Textile Manufacturing

The textile industry, known for its high consumption of electricity for machines such as looms and sewing machines, can utilise solar power to decrease reliance on non-renewable energy sources, thereby reducing overall energy expenses. 

Electronics Manufacturing

Facilities that produce electronic goods require clean, uninterrupted power to operate delicate manufacturing processes. Solar installations can supplement the main power supply, enhancing energy security and reducing operational disruptions. 

Paper and Pulp Manufacturing

This sector is traditionally energy-intensive, involving processes like pulping, papermaking, and drying, all of which require substantial amounts of energy. Solar energy can provide a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution. 

Metal Fabrication and Machining

Shops and plants in this sector use energy-intensive equipment for welding, cutting, and shaping metals. Solar power can help mitigate some of these energy costs and contribute to a cleaner production process. 

Plastics Manufacturing

The production of plastics involves energy-intensive processes such as extrusion and moulding. Solar panels can help power these operations, reducing energy costs and enhancing the environmental profile of plastic manufacturers. 

Many types of manufacturing businesses can significantly benefit from the adoption of solar energy, given their high energy requirements and often expansive facilities suitable for solar installations. Here are some specific types of manufacturing industries that are particularly well-suited to incorporating solar energy into their operations: