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Commercial Solar Panels for Warehouses

Maximising Energy Efficiency in Warehouses with Solar 

Benefits of Solar Panels for Warehouses

Solar panel installation offers significant benefits for warehouses, thus transforming them into eco-friendly and cost-efficient spaces. They are of much significance for warehouses because they help save a lot of money on energy bills. The warehouse uses the sun’s power, which is free, so it does not need to rely much on expensive sources of electricity. This is not only good for your pocket but also good for the planet. Installing solar panels shows that your business cares about the environment. This can impress customers who like companies that help clean and green the Earth.

Our Most Popular Solar Panels

We offer a variety of top solar panels that are perfect for any warehouse. Our team can help you pick the best one that fits your space and budget. Contact us today, and we will help you choose the right solar panels for your needs. Our selection of commercial solar panels meets the unique needs of your warehouse. These high-efficiency panels ensure maximum energy production even in limited spaces, making them ideal for large industrial buildings.

Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech was founded in 2001 and is now one of the most popular photovoltaic manufacturers globally. The company has departments and offices spread over one hundred countries worldwide and is committed to promoting a cleaner, brighter future with solar power.

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Jinko Solar is an innovative solar technology company that focuses on the research and development of integrated photovoltaic products and clean energy solutions. Jinko Solar is one of the early adopters of the RE100 green initiative, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable energy.

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Established in 1997, Trina Solar Co is a leading company dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of PV modules, power stations, and system products. Trina Solar’s SKL has achieved twenty-five world records in PV cell conversion efficiency and module output power.

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Eurener, founded in 1997 and based in Valencia, Spain, is well known for high-quality certified PV modules and outstanding service. The company aims to achieve a 100% sustainable planet by supplying renewable energy with long-lasting, affordable photovoltaic products.

Choosing The Best Solar Panels

As a top Solar Panel Installer in the Southeast, Tarven Solar Energy offers a wide selection of solar panels, battery storage and inverters. We can advise you on the best home solar panels depending on your available space and the orientation of your roof. So, get in touch today, and one of our experts will visit you when it best suits you to discuss your options.

Suntech Solar Panels
Ultra V module 1

4 kW Solar PV System


Zero % VAT

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5 kW Solar PV System


Zero % VAT

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Ultra V module 1

6 kW Solar PV System


Zero % VAT

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6 kW Microinverter Solar PV System


Zero % VAT

These panels will provide you with free clean solar energy. If you need more information on specifications, our team is here to answer any questions you have.

How to Install Solar Panels on Warehouses

Assessment and Design

Our team will look at your warehouse roof to determine the best way to set up the solar panels. We ensure they fit perfectly and work well so your warehouse gets the most sunlight and turns it into energy. This helps make your building greener and saves you money on power. 

Permitting and Documentation

Before we start installing, we will take care of all the paperwork needed to follow local rules. This means getting all the proper permits, so everything is set up correctly and legally. We handle this step for you, so you do not have to worry about the details. 

Installation and Setup

Finally, our skilled workers will put the solar panels on your roof and connect them to your warehouse’s power system. They make sure everything is safe and ready to use. After this, your solar panels will start catching sunlight and turning it into energy that you can use to run your warehouse. This is a smart move to make your warehouse energy-efficient and to save on electricity bills.

Battery Storage - Our Green Warehouse Initiative

When we add battery storage to our solar panels, it helps our warehouses keep extra solar energy. This additional energy is made when the sun is shining bright. Later, when it is night or really cloudy, we can use this stored energy. This is a big part of our Green Warehouse Initiative. Using battery storage means we do not rely too much on other ways of getting power, and it keeps our electricity costs low. Plus, if there is ever a power cut, the batteries will start working, so everything keeps running smoothly. This makes our warehouse smarter about using green energy and saves money! 

Warehouse Solar System FAQs

To determine the right solar system size for your warehouse, we start by reviewing your previous electricity usage to estimate how much power you need. We will consider the size of your warehouse, how you use it, and any plans for future expansion. Our goal is to design a system that covers your current energy needs and anticipates any increase in usage, ensuring that your solar setup is efficient and cost-effective for years to come.  

Maintaining your solar system is relatively straightforward. Regular cleaning of the panels is essential to remove dust, dirt, and other residues that can block sunlight and reduce efficiency. It is also necessary to check for any obstructions like growing trees or new constructions that might cast shadows. We recommend an annual check-up by a professional to inspect the system’s wiring and connections and ensure everything is operating at peak performance. 

Yes, your warehouse can utilise solar power during the night through the use of battery storage systems. During the day, any excess energy that your solar panels generate can be stored in these batteries. When solar panels are not producing electricity at night, this stored energy can be used to power your warehouse. This maximises your use of solar energy and stabilises your energy costs by reducing your reliance on the grid during peak tariff times. 

Most warehouse roofs are suitable for solar panel installation, but several factors need to be considered. These include the roof’s strength, exposure to sunlight, available space, and any local regulations. We conduct a thorough assessment to ensure that your roof is capable of supporting the weight of the panels and that there’s sufficient space to install a system that meets your energy needs. Factors like roof material and angle are also considered to optimise energy absorption. 

Installing solar panels typically has a minimal impact on your warehouse insurance, but informing your insurer about the installation is crucial. This ensures that your solar system is included in your policy coverage, protecting your investment against potential risks like damage or theft. Some insurers might adjust your premium slightly due to your property’s perceived increase in value and complexity. Always check with your insurance provider to understand any changes to your policy or coverage limits.