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What Are In-Roof Solar Panel

In-roof solar panels are photovoltaic modules integrated directly into the roof structure, replacing or complementing traditional roofing materials. These panels generate electricity from sunlight and seamlessly blend with the overall roof design. 

The basic principle of in-roof solar panels is similar to that of on-roof solar panels. Whilst the underlying technology is the same, the design and integration of in-roof panels make them more aesthetically pleasing and an integral part of the building’s architecture. 

The GSE roof-integrated solar system is a competitively priced integration system designed for in-roof photovoltaic panels. It takes the integration and aesthetic appeal up a notch with its impeccable flexibility and ease of installation, making it the most popular choice in the UK.

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GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM - Universal Integration System For In-Roof Solar Panels

With 100% French manufacturing, this integrated photovoltaic panel system is the most popular mounting option for in-roof solar panels in the UK. Let’s take a look at the features that make it so:

  • Compatible with 95% of the framed screens available in the market
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Fits roofs with up to 12° gradient
  • MCS 012 certified
  • Designed to offer the same resistance and longevity as tiles, slates or zinc
  • Withstands pressure from above up to 5400 Pa
  • Completely waterproof and optimal ventilation
  • Compatible with all snow and wind zones
  • Adapts to all roofing configurations, including U-shaped, pyramid, and more
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

To learn more about the GSE integration system and in-roof solar panels, get in touch with our solar panel installation experts near you.

Benefits of Roof-Integrated Solar Panels

Roof-integrated solar panels come with all the benefits of on-roof solar panels, such as grid independence, lowered carbon footprint, and they offer even more.

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Aesthetic Integration

In-roof solar panels seamlessly blend with the roof structure, enhancing the building’s aesthetics and avoiding the bulky appearance of traditional solar installations.

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Reduced Maintenance

In-roof solar panels require less maintenance compared to traditional installations. Integrated design minimises exposure to the elements, reducing the likelihood of debris accumulation and the need for frequent cleaning and bird-proofing measures.

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Cost Effectiveness

Inset solar panels are cost-effective due to their dual function as roofing material and energy generators. Savings on roofing materials and the streamlined installation process make them a financially efficient choice in the long run.

How Much Does In-Roof Solar Panel Installation Cost?

The pricing consists of two main components: the solar panels and the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM. The GSE system is competitively priced. Also, at Tarven Solar Energy, we let you choose from a wide range of cost-effective solar PV system options. Some start at only £750.00.

Our aim is to keep our prices as competitive as possible so that more people can benefit from sun-powered living. To receive an accurate and no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today.

Add Battery Storage

Adding battery storage to an in-roof solar panel system will help you store excess energy generated during sunny periods, ensuring a consistent power supply during cloudy days or at night. This feature enables you to reduce reliance on the grid and manage energy consumption more efficiently. We offer a range of solar panels and storage packages to help you find the right one that fits your needs and budget.

In-Roof Solar Panels FAQs

In-roof solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Further, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is designed for durability, and its longevity is estimated to be around 30 years or more.
Professional installation and adherence to manufacturer guidelines for both systems can help maximise the overall longevity of your inset solar panels in the UK.

On-roof solar panels are mounted on top of existing roofs using a separate racking or mounting system. They are visible additions to the roof structure. In contrast, in-roof solar panels replace or integrate with roofing materials, becoming part of the roof itself.

Whilst both effectively generate solar energy, in-roof panels offer a more integrated and visually appealing solution, reducing maintenance needs, aligning with modern architectural trends, and optimising space utilisation in the UK.

First, professional installers will measure the area of PV on the roof. Tiles will be removed from the area. Next up, the support battens will be arranged across the area, which will support the GSE frames. A sealing strip will be laid out, which is important for waterproofing. Next, the GSE frames are installed over the battens, followed by the PV module installation. 

Our solar panel installation experts would be happy to explain the steps to you during the free survey at your home. Arrange one right away.

In the UK, installing in-roof solar panels is generally considered a permitted development and may not require planning permission. If at all required, owing to its lightweight and integrated structure, in-roof solar panels are likely to easily gain planning permission – even for listed buildings in the UK. However, it’s advisable to check with the local planning authority or consult a professional installer. Our solar panel experts will be able to guide you on this crucial step.