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Solar Panels Pidgeon Proofing

Bird Proofing For Solar Panels To Safeguard Your Investment

Why Bird Proof Solar Panels ?

Birds, such as pigeons and jackdaws, often see the space under solar panels as an attractive spot to nest. Unfortunately, their presence can lead to issues and potentially damage your system.

Bird droppings are highly acidic, posing a risk to the wiring and surface of the panels. They block sunlight, reduce energy collection, and can carry germs, attracting pests and causing stains. Furthermore, droppings under the panels can erode roofing materials like shingles and tiles.

Rain washes away some debris and droppings, but they end up clogging guttering and drainpipes over time, creating additional costly maintenance.

Birds attract other animals, like squirrels and mice, which can chew through wires. Their presence under the increases the risk of wire damage, potential roof access, and even infestations.

Combustible bird nests and debris near wiring pose a fire risk, endangering your home and family.

Birds create early morning noise, disturbing your peace, while leftover food can attract seagulls, adding to the commotion.

Bird nests and debris can go unnoticed, leading to decreased power output. Bird-proofing helps prevent damage and ensures optimal energy production.

By pigeon-proofing your solar panels, you safeguard your investment, prevent damage, maintain energy efficiency, and enjoy a peaceful, trouble-free environment.

Our Most Solar Panel Bird Proofing Products

Introducing our pigeon proofing products! Here are some options available, supplied and fitted by Tarven.

Bird Protection Mesh

Ensure your solar panels stay bird-free and in optimal condition with our solar panel bird protection mesh. A cheap option per panel, it offers reliable and hassle-free bird protection.

Solar Panel Skirting

Enhance your solar panels’ protection and aesthetics with our premium solar skirt. Installing a solar skirt presents a stylish alternative to bird mesh.

For solar panel professional cleaning, please visit our solar panel cleaning service page.

Why Choose Tarven To Pigeon Proof Your Panels?

Various Methods

We can successfully achieve solar panel protection from birds in a variety of ways to suit your system and budget.

We Care About Wildlife

Before installing any bird proofing, we check the space under the panels is clear. With the right tools, we professionally clear nests without harming the wildlife.

Weather Resistant

We use high-quality weather-resistant metal or plastic mesh. The material is strong enough that it is resistant to UV degradation or chemical corrosion.

Long Lasting

With our professional installation, your bird proofing can last as long as the lifespan of the life of the solar panels

Choosing The Best Bird-Proofing Solution For Solar Panels

The best bird-proofing options have a proven track record of effectively discouraging birds. Customer reviews, testimonials, and expert recommendations help when looking for an efficient solution.

A bird-proofing method must be compatible with a home solar panel setup. Factors such as panel size, shape, and installation should be taken into consideration so the chosen solution does not compromise the functionality or aesthetics of the panels.

Bird-proofing solutions made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements ensure long-lasting protection and minimizes the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Assessing the maintenance requirements of the bird-proofing solution is important. Bird proofing should be easy to clean and maintain, allowing for regular inspections and upkeep without disrupting the solar panel’s functioning.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels FAQs

Pigeon-proofing solar panels is crucial to maintain their efficiency and functionality. Pigeons and other birds often seek shelter beneath solar panels, leading to nesting, droppings, and debris. This can create various problems, including decreased energy production, potential panel damage, and increased maintenance costs. Pigeon proofing helps prevent these issues and ensures optimal solar panel system performance.

There are several effective methods to pigeon-proof solar panels. A few commonly used techniques include:

Installing mesh: This involves placing a strong mesh or wire netting around the edge of the solar panels to prevent birds from entering the space beneath them.

Using spikes or deterrents: Spikes can be installed on the edges of solar panels to make an uncomfortable surface for birds, discouraging them from landing.

Implementing visual deterrents: Visual deterrents like reflective objects or predator-shaped decoys can deter pigeons and other birds from using the solar panel area.

When done correctly, bird-proofing methods should not damage solar panels or affect their performance. Choosing appropriate pigeon-proofing solutions and installing them correctly can safeguard your solar panels without compromising their functionality.

Bird proofing measures for solar panels generally require minimal ongoing maintenance. However, occasional inspections might be necessary to ensure the deterrents are intact and functioning effectively. Inspecting for any debris or signs of bird activity is also advisable. 

While some pigeon-proofing methods seem simple, hiring a professional for pigeon-proofing solar panels is generally recommended. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to select the most appropriate solutions for your solar panel setup. They can ensure proper installation without compromising the integrity of the panels or the roof. Hiring a professional also provides added peace of mind, knowing that the pigeon-proofing measures are effectively implemented and will provide long-lasting protection for your solar investment.