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Founded in 2011, Growatt is a leading global green energy solution provider specialising in sustainable renewable energy storage and use.

Growatt designs, develops, and manufactures photovoltaic inverters, energy storage devices, and intelligent energy management systems suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. The company has a network of global sales distributors, and Growatt products are used in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Growatt employs more than five hundred professionals dedicated to creating technology innovations to drive sustainable development. The company has established research and development centres in Shenzhen, Xi’an and Huizhou, China. With a prevalent R&D platform, Growatt quickly adapts to market trends and offers customised products to renewable energy users worldwide.

Committed to ‘glocalisation’, Growatt has thirty-four offices worldwide, including Germany, Netherlands, The UK, The US, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and India, to provide localised customer support.

According to Frost & Sullivan, a growth strategy and research firm, Growatt was globally the third largest PV inverter supplier in 2021. They were ranked the number one residential inverter supplier and the world’s biggest supplier of user-side energy storage inverters in shipment volume.

Growatt is dedicated to building the world’s largest intelligent, sustainable energy ecosystem and helping everyone to benefit from sustainable energy.

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Growatt Inverters

Growatt inverters are transformerless inverters, which contributes to high efficiency. The Growatt inverter range differs from other inverter brands as it offers various configurations in the typical power range. Growatt makes single-phase inverters with one or two MMPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking), three-phase inverters with dual MMPTs, and a single-phase hybrid inverter with 2 MMPTs and a low voltage battery.

Residential inverter efficiency criteria are typically 95 to 98%. Growatt inverters satisfy or exceed these standards, with inverters ranging from 97.2-98.4% efficiency. For example, the Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XH has up to 98.4% efficiency, placing Growatt as one of the top inverter manufacturers for residential inverter efficiency.

Growatt Batteries

Growatt solar batteries fit seamlessly with an existing PV solar panel system to store generated energy for use when the solar panels cannot generate power.

Growatt batteries are available with varied power storage, making them suitable for small residential systems or more extensive projects, such as those used by businesses.

Growatt solar batteries enable domestic and commercial customers to almost totally, or sometimes entirely off-grid, making a connection to the national grid unnecessary. Like Growatt-inverters, Growatt batteries are a cost-effective, high-quality choice.

Some Growatt brand products features include:


Growatt offers some of the cheapest solar inverters available, suitable for those on a budget.


The maximum efficiency of Growatt’s inverter range compares well against other inverters, with ratings between 97.2% and 98.4%


Growatt products come with a 5-year guarantee, which by registering for free on their website, you can extend to a ten-year warranty.


Growatt uses lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) in their batteries, one of the most dependable, safe, and long-lasting battery technologies.


Growatt solar batteries have an innovative Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the effectiveness of your batteries.

We Recommend:

The Fox ESS Hybrid range is a new type of solar Inverter. The Fox ESS Hybrid solar inverter has both the ability to convert DC power to AC and can use DC power to charge a DC battery. This is perfect if a homeowner wants to install a DC battery or if they wish to keep their options open, with the possibility of using a DC battery later without needing to change the inverter. The Hybrid is compatible with high voltage batteries.

Fox ESS’s hybrid inverter can support solar panel arrays of up to about 8kW. The biggest 6kW hybrid inverter can output solar power and discharge the battery at 6kW, supplying enough power for a home even with several appliances running simultaneously.

Hybrid Invertor Features

  • Storage Capacity: 2.6kWh, scalable to 20.8kWh.
  • High Voltage: Compatible with the latest high-voltage lithium-ion batteries
  • Natural Cooling: Wide temperature tolerance and no noisy internal fans.
  • Charge/Discharge Efficiency: 97%.
  • Depth of Discharge: 90%.
  • Size: 443mm x 410mm x 232mm (54kg)
  • Power Cut Cover: EPS Available
  • IP Rating: IP65 (Suitable for outdoor installation)
  • Remote Monitoring: Yes, via a smartphone or web portal.
  • Guarantee: 5 Years with the option of extending to 10 years.

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