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How Hybrid Inverters Are Revolutionising the Way We Use Solar Power

Hybrid inverters represent a pivotal advancement in solar energy technology, particularly for London residents seeking efficient, cost-effective energy solutions. These innovative devices seamlessly integrate solar power with grid electricity, offering you greater control, reliability, and sustainability in your energy consumption.

In this blog, we will talk about what hybrid inverters are, explain how they work, discuss the ways they can augment your use of solar power, and finally, explore 3 best hybrid inverters available in the UK market.

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What Are Hybrid Inverters?

Hybrid inverters are sophisticated devices designed to manage both solar-generated electricity and power from the grid. Unlike traditional inverters, which only convert DC electricity from solar panels into usable AC power, hybrid inverters incorporate battery storage capabilities.

This enables them to store excess energy for later use, providing you with a reliable source of power, even during periods of low sunlight or grid outages.

How Do Hybrid Inverters Work?

Hybrid inverters operate through a multifaceted process. During daylight hours, solar panels generate DC electricity, which the inverter converts into AC power for immediate use in the home. Any surplus energy is directed to the battery storage system, where it is stored for later consumption.

When solar production is insufficient to meet the household’s energy demands, the inverter seamlessly switches to draw power from the battery or the grid, ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply.

How Hybrid Inverters Are Revolutionising The Way You Use Solar Power

1.    Maximising Self-Consumption

Hybrid inverters optimise your use of solar energy by intelligently directing electricity flow. They prioritise utilising generated power within your home. This maximises self-consumption, thus enhancing energy efficiency and reducing your dependency on the grid.

2.    Energy Cost Savings

By reducing reliance on grid electricity and taking advantage of off-peak tariffs, hybrid inverters can potentially enable significant long-term savings on energy bills. This makes them a cost-effective alternative to traditional power sources.

3.    Seamless Integration

These inverters seamlessly integrate with existing solar PV systems, making them an accessible and convenient upgrade for homeowners looking to enhance their energy efficiency.

4.    Energy Storage Flexibility

Hybrid inverters provide flexible energy storage options. They allow you to tailor your systems to meet your unique energy needs and adapt to changing circumstances.

5.    Remote Monitoring And Control

Many hybrid inverters come equipped with advanced monitoring and control features on a mobile app, enabling remote management of energy production and consumption for added convenience and peace of mind.

6.    Backup Power Supply

In the event of grid outages or emergencies, hybrid inverters serve as a reliable backup power source. They ensure uninterrupted electricity supply for critical appliances and essential services.

7.    Reduced Carbon Footprint

By harnessing solar power and reducing dependency on fossil fuels, hybrid inverters play a crucial role in mitigating carbon emissions and combating climate change.

8.    Scalability And Modularity

Hybrid inverter systems offer scalability and modularity, allowing you to expand your solar energy capacity over time or integrate additional renewable energy sources seamlessly.

Best Hybrid Inverters Suggested For You

1.    SolarEdge 5kW Hybrid Photovoltaic And Storage Inverter

The SolarEdge is hybrid inverter, with a capacity of 5kW, efficiently manages solar power and stored energy to minimise reliance on the grid. It offers reliable performance, even in adverse conditions, ensuring a consistent energy supply.

With an intuitive monitoring platform, users can easily monitor and control their energy system in real time. The SolarEdge inverter supports expandable battery storage, allowing for scalability to meet changing energy demands.

It comes with a 12-year guarantee, one-click fast charging mode, 99.2% maximum efficiency, and more exciting features. To learn more, call us on 020 8087 0216 today.

2.    Sunsynk 5.12KW LV Battery And 5.5 kW Hybrid Inverter

This hybrid inverter from Sunsynk integrates a 5.12kWh LV battery system, simplifying installation and energy management. It boasts high energy efficiency and intelligent algorithms to maximise energy utilisation and reduce wastage, resulting in potential cost savings.

Users can customise their energy system with various battery capacities and configurations. Additionally, it supports smart grid interaction for optimised grid-tied operations.


Hybrid inverters represent a transformative solution for London homeowners seeking to harness the full potential of solar power. With their ability to optimise energy usage, enhance resilience, and reduce reliance on the grid, these devices are shaping the future of sustainable energy consumption in the capital and beyond.

Tarven Solar Energy is here to help you in the process. Worry not if you are still uncertain about which inverter will be the right choice for you and if a hybrid inverter will be suitable for your home. We are here to understand your energy requirements and offer a solution that will maximise your use of solar panels.

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