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Solar panels in Epsom

Epsom, a gem nestled between Croydon and Guildford, is embracing the future with solar energy. Our adept solar panel installers are at the forefront, bringing renewable solutions to this historic market town. With Epsom’s unique geographical blend of chalk downs and clay lands, we tailor our installations to harness the maximum potential of solar power. Whether you are located near the lush downs or in the heart of the town, our team ensures your transition to solar is seamless. Experience the difference with our local, personalised approach to solar panel installation, empowering Epsom residents and businesses to contribute to a greener planet. To receive tailored advice and a complimentary property assessment, please contact us at enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk or call 020 3937 5485. Embrace the solar revolution now and contribute to a sustainable future for both your local area and the wider world.
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Get in touch today for a free quote for an expert solar panel installation and save on your energy costs now.

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Solar panel experts for homes in Epsom

Epsom homeowners are increasingly adopting solar energy, and it is clear why. Our specialised team of expert solar panel installers offers bespoke residential solutions, ensuring your home benefits from the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing solar setups. Understanding Epsom’s diverse architectural styles, from charming Edwardian homes to modern developments, we provide installations that not only meet your energy needs but also enhance your home’s character. Join the growing number of Epsom residents enjoying sustainable, cost-effective power. Start your journey towards a greener, more energy-independent future today.

Commercial solar panel installers in Epsom

Epsom’s commercial landscape is going green, and we are leading the charge. Our commercial solar panel installations are designed to meet the specific needs of Epsom businesses, from retail outlets to offices and beyond. We offer scalable solutions that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also significantly lower energy costs. With our expertise, businesses in Epsom can highlight their commitment to sustainability while enjoying the financial benefits of solar energy. Transform your business premises into a model of efficiency and environmental stewardship with our tailored solar solutions.
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Solar panel installation costs in Epsom

Investing in solar panels in Epsom is more attainable and rewarding than ever. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, competitive pricing, ensuring you receive unparalleled value. While costs can vary based on individual requirements, our commitment to affordability means that solar energy is accessible to more homes and businesses in Epsom. Enjoy the dual benefits of reducing your environmental impact and cutting energy expenses. Solar energy represents a smart investment in both your financial future and the planet’s well-being. Contact us to explore how solar can work for you.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process in Epsom

Experience a smooth, hassle-free solar panel installation in Epsom, designed to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency for your property.


Schedule a complimentary survey

Start with our free, no-commitment survey to determine your Epsom property’s perfect solar panel fit.


Survey execution

We meticulously assess your property to craft the most efficient, bespoke solar solution in Epsom.


Quote delivery

Receive a personalised, clear quote that outlines everything you need for solar panels in Epsom.


Installation of solar panels

Our expert team seamlessly integrates solar panels into your Epsom property, ensuring optimal performance.

Why choose us for your solar panel installations in Epsom?

Opt for Epsom’s finest solar PV installations, where quality service and sustainable energy solutions meet.

NICEIC-approved contractors

Trust in our NICEIC-certified team for safe, compliant, and superior solar installations across Epsom.

Unparalleled workmanship

We are dedicated to excellence in every Epsom project, delivering solar panel installations that set industry benchmarks.

Excellent service

Our commitment shines through in every interaction, guaranteeing a smooth, satisfactory solar installation process in Epsom.

5-year workmanship

Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on all our solar panel installations in Epsom.

Buy your solar power system now

Step into a sustainable future with Epsom’s premier solar power systems. For expert installation and a comprehensive warranty, contact us at enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk or call 020 3937 5485. Embrace renewable energy for your home or business and join the movement towards a cleaner, greener Epsom. Make the switch today and benefit from cleaner energy and significant savings. Let’s illuminate the path to a brighter, more sustainable future together. 

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Frequently asked questions about solar panels in Epsom

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business in Epsom, the benefits are many:

  • Financial efficiency: Slash energy bills by tapping into solar power, reducing reliance on the traditional grid.
  • Eco-friendly impact: Diminish carbon emissions and lessen dependence on fossil fuels, contributing responsibly to environmental well-being.
  • Government initiatives: Capitalise on governmental incentives like the Smart Export Guarantee, reimbursing you for surplus energy fed back into the grid.
  • Enhanced property value: Boost your property’s appeal with solar panel installations, attracting eco-conscious buyers in Epsom’s real estate market.
  • Reliable energy source: Embrace the dependability of solar energy, ensuring a continuous power supply—choose sustainability for your home or business in Epsom.
At Tarven Solar Energy, our installations last 25-30 years, ensuring enduring efficiency. Rely on our expertise for reliable solar solutions.

Planning for solar panels in Epsom? While permits are generally unnecessary, exceptions may apply:

  • Historical structures may require planning permission.
  • Additional constraints apply in conservation areas; consult your local planning authority.
  • Adhere to height restrictions to avoid needing planning permission in Epsom.
  • If facing the road, alterations may demand permits.

Rely on Tarven Solar Energy, your expert solar panel installers in Epsom, ensuring a hassle-free process. We assist with paperwork and approvals. Contact us for solar panel enquiries today!