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Step into a greener future courtesy of Tarven Solar Energy – your experienced solar panel installation experts in Hertfordshire. Elevate your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic with an innovative renewable solution, designed just for your property. We’ll meet with you to grasp your specific needs and evaluate your home, before proceeding with the seamless installation of your new solar panels. Our hallmark is providing a bespoke service that caters attentively to our customers, ensuring their utmost satisfaction at every step. This has earned us an excellent local reputation, as many of our previous customers in Hertfordshire have been kind enough to leave us positive reviews and to recommend us to their friends, family, and neighbours.

Our team have worked within a wide range of domestic and commercial properties, completing installations of all sizes. Wherever you happen to be based in Hertfordshire, from St Albans to Hitchin or Bishop’s Stortford, we’ll be happy to work with you to unlock the full potential of your property. Call us on 020 8087 0216 to get started.

Want to understand how solar panels can transform your Hertfordshire home? Call 020 8087 0216, email enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk, or complete our contact form for a speedy response from our team.

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The benefits of solar panels in Hertfordshire properties

Embrace a world of advantages by incorporating solar panels onto your property’s rooftop. As the premier solar panel installers in Hertfordshire, we’re here to shine a light on the potential impact solar panels could have on your home.

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Reduce your energy bills

Watch your energy bills dwindle as your Hertfordshire residence transitions to solar power. Traditional energy consumption takes a backseat, while the electricity harnessed by your panels takes centre stage, illuminating your spaces and powering your appliances.

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Reduce the use of harmful fuels

By harnessing the sun’s power to cultivate your energy, you’ll be able to embrace a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. You’ll bid adieu to detrimental fossil fuels and actively contribute to a cleaner planet, cultivating a sustainable future.

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Operate independently from the grid

Free yourself from grid reliance. With solar panels in place, you’re shielded from power outages and unexpected disruptions. Your home becomes far more resilient, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply even in the face of challenges.

Excellent installation from solar panel specialists

We’ll ensure that the installation of your solar panels is simple, straightforward, and safe. We’ll follow all the necessary safety precautions whilst working at your property and will ensure that our team cause minimal disruption to your routine. We’ve worked on properties of all sizes, building the skills to successfully complete any installation that’s asked of us. You can rely on our expertise to efficiently get your solar panels in order.

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The process: How to get started

It’s easy to get started with your solar panel installation in Hertfordshire:


Reach out to us to initiate the process. We’ll orchestrate a thorough home survey directly at your Hertfordshire property.


During this survey, we’ll unearth your precise needs and evaluate the suitability of solar panels for your property. This includes checking your electricity consumption and available space.


With the survey’s insights in hand, we’ll coordinate the installation process with you.

To enquire about solar panels on your Hertfordshire property, call us on 020 8087 0216 or email enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk.

Microinverters and battery storage: Our solar panel options

Tailor your solar panel choice to your Hertfordshire home’s unique needs by exploring the different options that you can incorporate within your installation.

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Standard string inverters

A system with standard string inverters links each panel to a single inverter. This inverter turns the solar energy that has been absorbed by the panels into AC electricity that can be circulated throughout the home.

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Enphase Microinverters

Enphase Microinverters partner each panel with its own compact inverter. The result is a far more resilient network that can overcome individual panel failures. There are also other benefits, such as remote fault detection, shade management, and longer expected lifespan for the panels. This can be seen in the warranty you’ll receive. Microinverters have a 25-year warranty and boast an ultra-low 0.5% failure rate within this period.

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Solar battery storage

Elevate your solar strategy with battery storage. This solution captures surplus energy for future use, allowing you to tap into this supply when light wanes, such as during evenings and darker seasons. Having this option lets you take full advantage of all the renewable energy your system generates.

Our frequently asked questions

Questions are a natural part of the journey, and you’re not alone in seeking answers. Our Hertfordshire customers often ask us about our solar panels, and we’re happy to answer.

Don’t let the UK’s unpredictable weather deter you—solar panels consistently yield enough energy to be a viable choice for your Hertfordshire home. Technological advancements have propelled their efficiency even further, significantly amplifying their benefits. Best of all, by investing in solar panels, you’re not only reducing energy expenses but also potentially increasing your property’s value should you decide to sell.

Only basic maintenance such as periodically cleaning the panels is needed to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Your solar panels will be linked to an app that you can monitor for issues, and this will alert you to anything that needs to be addressed.

Why work with us for your solar panels in Hertfordshire?

By selecting Tarven Solar Energy, you can be confident that you’ll receive an exceptional customer experience. We are driven by a clear set of values that allow us to go above and beyond.


Personal customer service

We make it our mission to provide the finest customer service possible. Our team put your needs and satisfaction first, tailoring their approach and the recommendations they make to what suits you best.


Going above and beyond

We’re here for you beyond the installation process. Take advantage of added features like bird proofing solutions and a user-friendly monitoring app that will enrich your solar experience.


The highest standard of work

Our work speaks volumes about our workmanship. The outstanding quality of our work has been recognised in the positive feedback we’ve received from our Hertfordshire customers.

Choose us as your solar panel installers in Hertfordshire to transform your home. Call 020 8087 0216 or email enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk to tell us your requirements and get started.