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Solar PV panels in Maidstone

With too much dependency on the grid, homeowners and businesses often experience disruption in their day-to-day lives. Moreover, rocketing energy bills are another grave concern for them. Amongst all this, the one question that arises is “how to reduce energy costs whilst also enjoying an uninterrupted power supply?”.

The answer may well be solar PV panels. They can reduce your electricity bills* in Maidstone, plus, if you also opt for a battery storage option along with this, you can benefit during the night and on gloomy days too.

Now, what are these Solar PV or photovoltaic panels? They are made up of solar cells which are composed of silicon. When sunlight strikes these cells, it releases electrons to produce electricity. This direct current (DC) electricity is then converted into alternating current (AC) electricity. It further helps power homes and businesses.

Your search for “trusted solar panel installers near me” ends right here. With over 12 years’ experience in electrical-related tasks, Tarven Solar Energy can install quality, lasting solar power panels in your home or commercial property. All work is fully insured and guaranteed. Call 020 8087 0216 or email enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk to arrange a free survey now!

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We offer competitive prices for installing solar panels in Maidstone. Simply give us a ring, and we’ll arrange a survey to offer you a quote that
will suit your budget.

expert solar panel intallers

Expert solar panel installers for home

There are many advantages of installing solar panels in your home that you simply can’t ignore. They offer you energy independence, government incentives, reduced carbon emissions, and more. And it’s a wise investment into the future as solar panels can increase your property value in Maidstone.

Having said that, you need professional and adept solar panel installers for your property. This ensures that the job is done in full compliance with electrical legislation and safety standards. And in case you require planning permission, local solar PV experts will be able to help you with that as well.

Keeping all this in mind, we at Tarven are your unparalleled choice for expert solar panel installation in Maidstone. We are established as one of the South East’s top NICEIC-approved electrical contractors. And our skilled electricians are all hand-picked and trained to complete every job with the utmost efficiency. We can also help you remain connected to the grid in addition to the solar panels or you can opt for our excellent solar panel and battery storage packages, whichever suits you!

Commercial solar panels in Maidstone

Businesses benefit from solar power systems in a number of ways, including the much-desired marketing advantage over their competitors. Solar panels are good for the environment and help you reduce your carbon footprint. And your customers would naturally prefer environmentally conscious companies over others, which gives you an edge you can’t ignore!

Furthermore, with solar panels and battery storage installation, you can enjoy uninterrupted electricity without being totally dependent on the grid. Your energy bills can also be reduced*. Plus, there are certain government incentives and funding schemes for business solar systems, which you can benefit from.

Trust us to install quality solar panels on your commercial property in Maidstone. Our certified solar panel installers will ensure that you remain stress-free for years to come.

comercial solar panels
Solar panel installation cost in Maidstone

Solar panel installation cost in Maidstone

Our solar panel cost in Maidstone is very much affordable. We offer a range of solar panel options both for domestic and commercial purposes, which are great value for money. Our solar panel and battery storage packages also start at an affordable cost, keeping your needs and budget in mind. Explore our great-value pricing now.

To receive a fully transparent quote for solar panel installation, call and arrange a free survey of your property. Don’t worry, we’ll tailor the quote for you. Contact us now to get your no-obligation quote.

Our solar panel installation process in Maidstone

Although the process may vary a little depending on the type of property in Maidstone, we do have a standard process in place to help you understand how we work:


Arrange a free survey

You will call us to arrange a free survey of your property.


We conduct the survey

Our experts will reach your property and assess its suitability for solar energy panels.


You receive a free quote

Next, we’ll offer you a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your needs.


Solar panel installation

Our local solar panel installers will mount the panels on your roof or in any other convenient location on your property. We are also capable of handling any paperwork regarding planning permission if needed.

Why choose us for your solar PV installations in Maidstone?

Tired of searching for “reliable solar panel installers near me”? No worries, you’re finally in the right place. Let’s see why we say so.


NICEIC-approved contractors

Tarven is established as one of the South East’s top electrical NICEIC-approved contractors. Rest assured, with us, your solar PV panels will be installed to the highest standards.

Unparalleled workmanship

Electricians and engineers at Tarven Solar Energy are hand-picked and trained to meticulously and effectively complete every job. With over 12 years in this line of business, we can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Excellent service

We have friendly experts at your service when it comes to installing a solar system. They will guide you with expert advice and pay careful attention to your requirements and budget. We also welcome 24/7 emergency call outs.

5-year workmanship

A 5-year workmanship warranty comes with your installed solar panels. Our quality work and the warranty will always ensure your peace of mind.

Buy your solar power system now

We are approved and recommended solar panel installers providing high-quality, affordable solar panel systems. And that’s not all; our first-class service, experienced electrical work, solar maintenance, and repairs, and other services will ensure that you are stress-free at all times.

So, wait no more, get your very own solar PV panels installed on your property now. Call 020 8087 0216 or email enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk.

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Frequently asked questions about solar panels in Maidstone

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business in Maidstone, the benefits are many:

  • Environmental impact: With reduced carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, you can responsibly contribute toward a greener world.
  • Government incentives: There are incentives from the government such as the Smart Export Guarantee, which pays for surplus energy you feed back into the grid.
  • Increased property value: A house with solar panels installed on it can be alluring to eco-conscious buyers.
  • Energy independence: Solar energy is more reliable than your traditional power sources. So, why not rely on the former and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply?

Solar panels are highly durable with an impressive longevity of 25-30 years. Depending on how well you’re maintaining the system, they may even last longer. Regular maintenance is advisable for extending the lifespan of your solar panels.

You usually don’t need permits or approvals, however, in rare cases, you might. These include:

  • Listed buildings may need planning permission.
  • Conservation areas have additional restrictions, so do check with your local planning authority.
  • Exceeding height restrictions: Your solar panels cannot exceed certain height restrictions, and if they do, you may require planning permission in Maidstone.
  • Facing the road: If your solar panels face the road, particularly if they alter the building’s appearance, you will need permits to install them.

It is safe to always consult with your local authority to avoid disruptions in the future. No worries, professional solar panel installers at Tarven will help you with any paperwork needed to get the permits and approval. Contact us today for any queries regarding solar panels.