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Installation of solar panels in Westminster

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Solar PV Panels in Westminster

Most people in and around London have raised concern regarding the spike in energy bills. Our solar PV panels in Westminster complement the area’s natural beauty while providing an alternative and sustainable energy option. Solar energy is a great alternative to electricity, helping you lower energy costs and promote a more environmentally friendly future for both residential and commercial buildings. In fact, according to some sources, our customised solar panels have the potential to reduce your energy bills by an impressive 85%. 

We provide high-quality work because we have more than 12 years of experience in the industry with a comprehensive warranty and insurance for our services. Contact enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk or 020 3937 5577 to schedule your complimentary survey. 

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Join the solar revolution in Westminster with Tarven Solar Energy. Contact us by filling out the form below!  

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Domestic Solar Panels in Westminster

Apart from cost savings, enjoy sustainable living with our eco-friendly solutions. By reducing energy costs and aligning with government incentives, our installations also enhance your home’s value, ensuring a sustainable future. We are one of the most sought-after NICEIC-certified contractors in the South East, meeting all safety and electrical standards. Our skilled electricians can handle all the paperwork, offering comprehensive solutions for a smooth grid connection, including solar panel systems and battery storage options.

Commercial Solar Panels in Westminster

In the bustling business hub of Westminster, commercial enterprises thrive amidst the vibrant urban landscape. As a business, we understand the unique requirements of other businesses in this competitive environment. This is why opting for our solar panels in Westminster can give you a strategic advantage, enabling companies to harness clean, renewable energy while reducing operational costs. Additionally, you can benefit from government incentives and grants designed to promote sustainable practices. Put your trust in us to provide your company with economical and effective solar solutions that are customised to meet your unique requirements.
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Cost Of Installing Solar Panels in Westminster

Our selection of solar panels and battery storage systems is made to meet your energy needs, whether they are for personal or business use. For a free survey and an exact quotation personalised for your house, get in touch with us.

Steps to Install Solar Panels in Westminster

In Westminster, solar panel adoption is both eco-friendly and strategic, given limited expansion. Here’s a glimpse of our solar panel installation process.


Arrange for a free Survey

Get started by contacting us to schedule a free assessment of your property.


Survey Execution

Our experts will do a full assessment to determine whether solar panels are a good fit for your house.


Receive a Quote

Get a customised quote that meets your unique needs without requiring any action from you.


Solar Panel Installation

Our experts will install the solar panels in the suitable location of your property along with handling all the required paperwork for the process.

Why Choose Us For Installing Your Solar Panels in Westminster?

Looking to invest in solar panels for your Westminster property? Here’s why Tarven Solar Energy is the ideal choice:

NICEIC-approved contractors

Rely on our NICEIC-certified team in Westminster for unparalleled professionalism. Our accreditation reflects our dedication to upholding the highest electrical safety and quality standards.

Unparallelled Workmanship

With years of experience in the industry, we are experts in solar panel installations. Our team is well-versed in the latest technologies and installation techniques.

Excellent Service

We believe in a holistic approach. That is why we provide continuous support and maintenance services to guarantee that your solar panels continue to operate at their best for years. 

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

We offer a five-year workmanship guarantee. Our solar energy solutions surpass expectations by providing long-term value and peace of mind.

Buy Your Solar Power System Now

Discover your perfect solar panel solution in Westminster with Tarven Solar Energy. Get in touch with our team at enquiries@tarvenlimited.co.uk or call 020 3937 5577 today for a complimentary survey!  

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Frequently asked questions about solar panels in Westminster

In Westminster, whether you’re a resident or a business owner, the advantages are numerous:
  • Trim your energy expenses by harnessing sunlight, reducing reliance solely on the grid.
  • Play your part in fostering a cleaner environment by diminishing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Access government incentives like the Smart Export Guarantee, rewarding you for surplus energy contributed to the grid.
  • A property adorned with solar panels can be enticing to environmentally conscious property seekers.
  • Opt for solar energy’s superior reliability over traditional power sources, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.
With a lifespan of 25-30 years, our installations promise durability and reliability. Trust us for expert service, and consider regular maintenance to extend the life of your solar investment. Contact us for professional care and advice.
Contemplating solar panels in Westminster? Generally permit-free, with exceptions:
  • Historical sites may necessitate planning permission.
  • Check extra restrictions in conservation areas with your local planning authority.
  • Comply with height limits to sidestep planning permissions in Westminster.
  • Road-facing panels, altering appearances, may need permits.
Trust Tarven Solar Energy, your skilled solar panel installers in Westminster, for seamless processes. We handle paperwork and approvals. Reach out for solar panel assistance today!