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With soaring energy costs, and the realisation we must reduce CO2 emissions if we still want to continue to enjoy living on a planet, more and more homes and commercial properties across the UK are investing in solar panels. Not only does renewable solar energy benefit the environment, but it will save you money on electricity bills over time. The average electrical energy storage system will reduce dependence on the grid by up to 85%.

Modern solar panels are robust, but they can suffer damage. A few risks to solar panels include the accumulation of twigs, leaves, and dirt that can scratch solar panels and lower the amount of energy produced. Hail is damaging to roofs in general, and while panels are designed to withstand harsh weather, a severe hailstorm could damage your panels.

However, the most significant threat to solar panels is wildlife. Solar panels are elevated a few inches above the roof, meaning there is a warm gap between the tiles and panels, protected from the elements and predators.

Why Bird Proof Solar Panels?

For many birds, including pigeons and jackdaws, the space under your panels is the ideal spot to make a nest. Once they have made a home beneath your system, they can cause damage to them in several ways. If their claws scratch the surface, the panels will generate less power.

Bird Droppings 

Pigeon droppings are highly acidic, which can wear away wiring and the panel surface and cause irreversible damage. Droppings on panels also block sunlight and decrease the amount of collectible energy. Furthermore, animal droppings around your panels can harbour germs and bacteria, which attracts pests and causes staining. Bird droppings under solar panels can also erode shingles and tiles, weakening a roof.

Blocked Drains

In the UK, we get more than our fair share of rain, which will wash away some of the droppings and debris from nests. But this means it will end up in your guttering and over time, could lead to blocked drainpipes, giving you another costly problem to fix.

Chewed Wires

Although birds are the main problem wildlife that nests beneath solar panels and lands on and around them, once you have birds under your panels, other animals are likelier to follow, attracted by the debris and food left by the birds.

These include squirrels. Squirrels are adept climbers, and it is easy for them to scramble onto a roof. Unlike birds, they have the added issue of sharp teeth and can gnaw through the wires behind the panels.

Mice, like squirrels, can also chew through wires. They reproduce fast, and through small spaces, your roof can provide an easy path to the interior of your home, potentially leading to an infestation.

Also, animals under solar panels will lure insects. While bugs rarely damage solar panels, having swarms of insects around your home is a nuisance and might require pest control services to remove them.

Fire Hazard

Pigeons and other animals can also be a fire hazard. Bird nests and debris is often combustive. With the debris and nests close to wiring, particularly if the wires are partially chewed through, a fire could start, putting your home and family in danger.

There is also the noise factor. Pigeons aren’t the quietest of critters, and they also tend to be early risers, so you’ll find they wish you good morning with plenty of cooing and scratching at around 5 am. Their leftover food could also attract seagulls, which like to make deafening noises at ungodly hours.

Reduced Energy Production

Birds may be to blame if you have detected less power production from your solar panels and cannot find the cause. Wildlife can be difficult to spot under your solar panels – trapped debris will appear as dark shapes beneath the panels if you can access the roof to see it. A nest can go undetected for many months. This is ample time for damage to occur.

How We Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

We can successfully achieve solar panel protection from birds in various ways.

The most common method is to place a mesh around the frame of the solar panels and attach it to the roof and panels with strong purpose-made clips. This produces a secure physical barrier that even small creatures cannot pass through, but it permits air to circulate freely beneath the solar panels.

We use a high-quality weather-resistant metal or plastic mesh. The material is strong enough that animals and bids cannot tear or claw their way through it.

With our professional installation, this type of bird proofing can last as long as the lifespan of the life of panels and will withstand strong sunshine, rain, wind, and snow.

Pigeon proof mesh also stops leaves, twigs, and other items from accumulating underneath your solar panels. Like wildlife, these can cause aesthetic and technical impairment. Mesh protection prevents deterioration and reduces the need for regular cleaning.

We can also keep bird proof solar panels by installing bird anti-roosting spikes. These are stainless steel spikes that come in various lengths. Anti-roosting spikes make it impossible for birds to land. We fit the spikes around the panel’s perimeter to prevent birds from landing on the array.

Before installing any pigeon proofing, we will first ensure the space under the panels is clear. Removing this debris by yourself can jolt panel elements or cause scratches. With the right tools, we can professionally clear nests and debris without harming the wildlife.

Even if you are certain no birds or other animals are nesting beneath your solar panels, prevention is less expensive than fixing what could be an expensive invasion.

About Tarven Solar Energy

We are a family-owned company of electricians and renewable energy experts, serving the southeast of England. We offer a full range of electrical services, including routine maintenance,  rewires, consumer unit replacement, solar panel installation, and electric vehicle charger installation.

Our solar panel pigeon proofing service is guaranteed, and we provide:

Local Experience 

As we are local to the southeast, we have experience of the wildlife living among us. We know which species are the most likely to jeopardize solar panels, the signs to look out for, and the best way to deter animals.

Trained Experts 

We have a team of skilled solar panel specialists. With extensive experience working with solar panels, we can complete the work while taking extreme care of the panels and your property.

Inexpensive Prices

Our competitive rates make it possible to pigeon proof your solar panels on almost any budget. The low outlay is an attractive alternative to costly repairs that unguarded solar panels may require.

Contact us to Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

When investing money in solar panels you will want to protect your investment, to avoid unnecessary damage and repair costs. A regular inspection of your roof can help ease problems, but only pigeon proofing can keep birds out completely.

To get the most out of your solar system in your home or business, you must ensure your panels are safe from hazards like wildlife. Our solar panel pigeon proofing works all rooftop solar panels.

The cost of pigeon-proofing solar panels depends on various factors. The material we use to bird proof your system is one factor. Some jobs require scaffolding which makes the overall cost more expensive. If there is damage, this will need repairing and add to the cost. The number and size of your panels are other factors.

For a free quote on the cost of pigeon proofing your solar panels from wildlife, call us on 020 8087 0216 or fill out this form.