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Why do I need a charging station for my Electric Vehicle?

Why do I need a charging station for my EV rather than a standard outlet?

If you want to be more environmentally conscious, purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle is a great first step. It has the potential to save you money while also lowering your carbon footprint. One of the main concerns for people considering purchasing an EV is how they will charge it. One of the advantages is that you can charge your car at home. However, while a standard power outlet can be used, installing a charging point is the best option.

Why should you install an EV Charging Station?

An EV charging station isn’t required, but it is a huge benefit for anyone who owns an EV.

You can charge your vehicle faster if you have a charging point installed. A dedicated charge for your electric vehicle provides more power. A standard three-pin socket only provides a limited amount of power, resulting in much slower charging. Depending on your setup, a charging point can charge your EV up to three times faster than a standard outlet.

Many charging stations also have smart apps that can help you manage charging your vehicle. A mobile app can help you set timers and get an overview of your vehicle’s energy usage.


EV Charging Station


How we can help

Here at Tarven, we are committed to helping homeowners and businesses in the South East to take advantage of cheaper, greener driving.

We are fully OLEV approved and licenced installers for a large number of branded EV Charge Points. Get in touch with our team today for further information or to request a free no-obligation quote.

If you live in a flat or a rental property, you can also check out your eligibility for grants online and also find the most compatible EV chargers for your vehicle.